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Garage Door Repair Solutions

  • Garage Door Repair

    With so many repairs under our belts, there’s truly nothing that can surprise us. So if you’re unsure (or sure!) on what needs repairing, give us a call and our team will gladly assist.

  • Garage Door Installation

    If you have a shiny new door that you’d like fitting, or need help on choose the right one for you, look no further than Lux Bros!

  • Garage Door Cable Repair

    Whether you have a traditional garage door or a slightly less common type, we’re able to maintain and repair ALL types. Our advice is simple: if you wouldn’t leave the repair waiting on your home’s front door, then don’t leave on your garage door!

  • Commercial Garage Door Services

    Commercial customers are a huge part of our business, we know how crucial a garage door can be to suppliers alike, so we make it our mission to get you back up and running within the very same day.

  • Garage Door Motor Repair

    Whilst garage door motors are usually made to a high standard and can last many years, a mix of harsh weathers can eventually take their toll. Fear not, we know what we’re doing.

  • Garage Door Opener Repair

    A garage door that isn’t opening, isn’t of much use to anyone! A common occurrence and easily fixable - give us a call today and restore your garage door back to its former glory.

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